KWGT - Central location for touch events

I love that we can add touch events, but I have a suggestion to make it even more useful, a central location for touch events.

What is a central location you might ask? It is a place that will show touch events, their parent group, object they are associated with, as well as a link to that object. Think of it like a repository with deep links to that specific content.
The implementation could be a button below the visualizer in the right sidebar so it is always accessible, but it will NOT get in the way of editing. When tapping the button you are sent to a screen that has all touch events grouped by parent with the following data.

1. Parent where the object originates
2. Shortened description of what the touch does
3. The object title and type it is linked to
4. An actual link to that folder, group, object
This is pretty involved, but I can work on a prototype in KWGT.

I really believe that touch events should not be buried in the root ui, and that they should be always available.