Kwgt causing google services to continously run

recently got a s10+ and decided to use nova with kwgt to customize it a bit more then i have before. added a widget ( one of the pre-installed ones that give a date/time) and haven't added to many more widget ( other then a music player widget ). and after a while i noticed google play services was running for almost as much time as my phone.

this was going on for a few days until i decided to try to get to the bottom of whats causing it. after some deleting and reinstalling i realized after deleting the widget google play services was no longer counting up active use. brought it back and it was active again. the screenshot below are just todays. previously it was active as much as my phone was ( longest is 16 hours )

after a few more days i guess i confirmed that it was kwgt widget that was causing the issue. pretty sure its an issue with kwgt as well since i replaced the widget with a widget that comes with a preinstalled app and iv no issue with phone not sleeping.