KWGT: "Absolute" unit that isn't bound to widget size?

(Simplified x-post from Reddit)

Supposedly all sizes/paddings/offsets in Kustom apps are in the unit of Kustom Points. Changing widget size changes its rwidth/rheight (also in kp), which makes perfect sense, however in this process I haven't touched any of the size/padding/offset numbers, yet everything scales with the widget size, which then confuses me.

Isn't there an "absolute" unit I can set sizes/paddings/offsets in, so that elements retains the visual size no matter what? I'm okay with contents getting cut off / having to kode for different screen resolutions.

Your issue sounds very similar to mine; I'm convinced it's the same. I was able to get a response from the team. At first they were having trouble recreating the issue but they're aware of the bug now and said they're working on a fix. This was on November 5.