KWCH keeps asking for "write on External Storage" permission

Hi, I have a paid version of KWCH, but it is still unable to import a watch face. It will keep pop-ups a Windows telling me to grant permission for writing on external storage and directing me to App Info.
However, I couldn’t find anything in App Info. By the way, I have set the KWCH file location. Is there anything else I can do?



This is fixed in next beta, will upload tomorrow, thanks for reporting!!!



Not in the Play Store yet (Oct. 3), will you upload/share on the downloads page of Kustom Rocks?

Haven’t sent the update yet, i need to update the downloads page too BUT you will have to manually install both the watch app AND the companion app which is a bit annoying maybe

I can install both manually. Anxiously ready and waiting!

Kwch seems to be very promising. When do you expect to upload the update on the play store? Waiting for this to make a try and purchase it.

@Frank, do you have any estimation date for the beta update on play store or somewhere else?

The beta that fixes this is now available via manual download at Downloads | Kustom HQ the Play Store version is being approved

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