KWCH fitness data not working

Hello, the following function didn’t show the correct heartrate.
fd(hrmax , r60s, r0s)
I get every time the max heartrate of the day.
When i change to fd(hrmax , r1d) or fd(hrmax , r2d) and so on, i get the correct value for the last days. All other parameter show only the max heartrate of the day.
Samsung health writes evey minute the heartrate to healthconnect.

What is wrong?

The heartrate as complication is not working and shows only 0bpm. So i want to use the fd() function.

Galaxy Watch 4 ckassic
WearOS: 4.0, One UI-Version 5.0 watch
Phone Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 12, One-UI 4.1

KWCH 3.76b417213beta
WearApp 0.01b417112

SamsungHealth and healthConnect actual from PlayStore

Greatings Ingolf

I’m able to reproduce this as well. Will inform @frank about this.