Kustom Watch Face!

There are no good watch face making tools yet, a KLWP style watch face editor would be great!

If this happens (which would be so cool !), please do not forget Tizen, Kustom Guys!

Interesting idea. I have messed around a little with Watchmaker, which to my mind has some similarity to Kustom. Maybe you could team up. That way you would not have to maintain another app, just integrate with theirs.

It's similar, but the differences a somewhat great (i.e. the marketplace, the designer interface is rather different, etc.). I think it would be better off just being a new, separate app. I believe this would also make it easier to integrate Komponents and stuff like that.

This must happen

still desperately waiting for this :(

Uhm i don't think that this is coming soon. But maybe if I write here, the dev will see and think about the idea. Maybe one day it will be reality