Kustom will not update weather/json if display is set to never turn off

I dedicated and set up an Android tablet to run only KLWP (yes, I love KLWP that much), and I found that Kustom will not update weather and wg JSONs, if the display is set to Never Sleep, regardless of the update interval. When I turn off the screen and turn it on again, KLWP will immediately auto update.

Android version: KitKat 4.4.4
Tablet: Nuvision TM1318

Thanks for reporting, this was an issue fixed months ago, can you confirm you are on latest 3.21?

Yes I'm on 3.21b629914. Thank you!

Ok, will try to reproduce, weird

I'm having the same issue.

KWGT ver. 3.22b700407

Android ver. 4.4.2 tablet

I should also note that updates work fine on my Android 6.0.1 phone. I only have the problem on 2 identical Kit Kat tablets. Also, manual updating on these tablets works fine.

Hi, I am having this exact issue now in 3.38. I have an old phone that I am using as a google phone hub replacement, and the display is permanently on. I use tasker to extract the current temp from our local weather bureau website every 15 minutes and save that to a text file, and then I have KLWP set up to read the text file using WG.

I have confirmed that tasker is completing the task every 15 mins and updating the text file, however KLWP does not recognise that the text file has changed until I turn the display off and then back on again. Any help or advise much appreciated