Kustom Weather Provider API: Aemet

Hello there!

I'd love to use KWGT with my national weather provider. I understand that you can not develop a plugin for every weather service around the world, but… is there a way to let other developers do that? Perhaps through a Kustum Weather Intent (or whatever architecture you are using with your Kustom Weather Plugin app), so that we can develop an adapter to our favourite provider as a third party apk.

Here you have a tutorial by Brandon Craft (have 2 more in his Youtube page) on how to parse WUnderground api, maybe you can adapt it to your api provider. Maybe you can make your request in the Ideas section, here the users can vote for it and the developer maybe can develop it in future versions.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJaFug9sGTI&t=266s

Thanks for the tip, but it's a little bit brute force… I mean, you need a different wget to extract each piece of data, despite you are getting the same response once and another… anyway, I'll move this to ideas (I didn't know where to place my question), and if there's no other chance, I might give your suggestion a try ;)

Thanks again!

Yes, you are right,you need to make this from scratch. Maybe you have luck and Frank Monza make your idea available. I have WUnderground and make it for one of my presets, it's a little of work, and the tutorial by B. Craft is for this provider 😁. Good luck..👍😃