Kustom programming (KODE)

We are able to do a lot of things using kustom but the available objects (shape, image,text) can sadly not be increased at the moment (for obvious reasons such as that they would need to be programmed, wich is where this app would come in handy, it would a code editor for komponents or objects, komponents consist of objects such as a text or anything, but objects would consist of programming and maybe even a more easy way to code things, such as simple to access variables or a complete variable editor like in komponents, objects would be edited using pixel editing, for loops and width/height variables

This would make kustom absolute, because with this we would have complete access to change everything without needing to have to ask the developers to do it for us

This would take some time to create since it would have to be a completely new application and old working things would need to be remade, but in my oppinion it would be worth it