[Kustom Lock Screen] [KLCK] UC Count - How To Make The Counter Itself To Be Visible ONLY When I Have A New Missed Call And Or A New Unread SMS?


I am a beginner with this Kustom Locks app and I need help from you, please!
I just discovered KLCK (Kustom Screen Lock) app and I can't figure it out how to make the counters for the Missed Calls and from Unread Messages (SMS) to be visible ONLY when they are not read/opened.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy A40 phone with Android 10.

I created an Overlap Group with the 2 icons (one for missed calls and the other one for unread SMS) along with 2 texts for each of them, using the $uc(calls)$ and $uc(sms)$ standard formulas from "UC" text options, but they are always visible.
I want for these 2 unread counters not to be visible all the time but only when I have a new missed call and/or a new unread SMS on my phone, otherwise to be invisible/not present on my Lock Screen (KLCK)!

How can I do that, please?
I am not good with math formulas, etc., so I would really need a formula given by you, just to copy-paste it into my UC text field!

Also, how can I make the counters to show not only "1" for missed/unread calls/SMS if they are more than just 1? If I have 7 missed calls and 7 unread messages/SMS, to show 7 and 7 (the exact and total numbers for missed calls and unread SMS), let's say?

See the attached screenshot to see exactly what I mean!

Thank you so much for your help!
I really appreciate it!