Kustom Console: download failed

In the Console the APK is available, but when downloading, I keep getting: download failed.
There are no rights that I can adjust in the app settings, nor does the app ask for any permissions.
It straight up picks up the integrated download manager of my phone OS.
So there seems to be nothing I can change on my side.

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Hi Michel, can you confirm you are running 1.20 of Konsole? Can you also provide the package name of the APK you have created so we check the logs?

I can confirm that I am running the latest release: version 1.20, the package name is “Sense Flip Clock”

Your package was never built, you should have received an email saying that the icon was missing. When the APK is ready you will see a button similar to this:

If you see the “apk ready” message and button then there is a bug because your APK build failed.

That is exactly what I see now…
Since I did add an icon after I received the mail (sorry I am new to this), how can I see the difference between an updated APK (since I added the icon) or this one.
Will the APK name change? And/or is there a standard time for processing? Or will I be informed?

Ok then there is a bug, i will have to check whats going on. Every time you make a change to the pack and save a rebuild is triggered, the backend will try to build your pack, the backend is building your pack again as we speak, you should get an email if the build is ok with a download link in the email, the download in the app will then also work. Edit it failed again, your keystore password is not valid.

Yes you will see “v2”

Yes Konsole backend sends an email, i am working to add also a notification on the device

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Thank you so much for your feedback!
As I said, I am new to this, it seems I will have to get an official keystore from Google so I can officially sign the apk. I do have Android Studio, but never got that far. Setting the default keystore, fixed it! (with security warning of course).
As for the v2, the APK download maintained the exact same filename, but then again, I only changed the keystore. I did however get a “failed build” mail now and after changing the keystore, I received the succesful build mail, as you mentioned earlier. Hope this feedback helps you and others. As you have undoubtedly seen, not being experienced does raise some questions.

PS: great work on your part, creating a platform for users to be able to create stuff. Beautifull !!!

Kind regards,

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Thank you! Will still keep this open on my side to understand why you were seeing a download button with no APK created. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks again.
Running into some more unexpected issues though they do not necessarily have to be related to the Kustom Console app.
I created a keystore jks file through Android Studio, which I imported in Kustom console. When generating the APK, I get a mail: Keystore password is missing or invalid, I retried multiple times and had to insert the password twice both in Android studio and the Console app (and double checked the username. FYI: due to payment issues (supported methods) I do not yet have google console acces as a dev. But it should still work with the generated jks?
Also I can not remove 2 wrong keystores I added, the remove button simply does not respond :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Also when importing a keystore again, which I deleted for testing purposes, the update button is not available. Possible due to the settings being recognized as unaltered? Even if a keystore file had been imported, while having the same name as the replaced keystore.