KLWP wallpaper off center after phone reboot

Just purchased KLWP & KWGT - great apps! Only a very minor issue but each time I reboot my phone, my 3-screen KLWP wallpaper always starts off focused off-center. So the center screen (2 of 3) is displayed halfway off the screen. As soon as I swipe left or right it aligns itself correctly until I reboot again. Any idea why this might be?

Same here. Clock missing after a reboot until I swipe left or right.

This is a Launcher bug, i am trying to see if there is any workaround

Using Nova launcher here, in case that matters...

Same here, Nova Prime.

Yeah i know its a Nova bug please also report this to Nova dev Kevin

Still no solution? I seems that klwp renders 1st(right), 2nd(center) and 3rd(left) and forgets that 2nd is the center page.

No, it hasn't been fixed, I get the same thing still.

So I tried another situation... Made a 1 page only in kwlp... And made my 3 page long let's call shapes... Scroll depending on the page it is... Same problem... The same issue... It's like klwp draws all at boot and places point 0.0 at viewport displayed in nova... So let's imagine... 3 pages at 720... Viewport is 0.0 : 0.720 but klwp should display (-)720.0 : 0.0 at right page.... And the rest at 0.0... Wish I knew how it's drawn at 1st boot... Id fix it myself somehow... Anyway thanks to the developer and keep up the good work

4 years and 3 different phones later I still get this issue every reboot. Is it not possible to fix?