KLWP Theme stopped working after phone rebooted

So the basic gist is that it just stopped working, the theme only had one of the layers showing, scrolling stopped working and nothing else was showing except the basic background and one other layer.

The app itself shows the theme working just fine. The app locates all the layers and images from the folders where they've always been in.

Applying the theme trough settings also doesn't work, and the preview doesn't scroll, but it shows one of the scrollable screens just fine.

I do not have an external SD card on the phone so that shouldn't affect anything, or am i wrong?
When importing/exporting the theme it does say it's saved on SD card, which i do not have.

Granted i am still very new to this and would love any help, and if this is a simple issue don't be hard on me i'm still figuring the app out.

Phone: Honor 7
Android Version: 6.0
Using Nova Launcher

Edit: Not even basic installed presets work, they just refuse to get applied