[KLWP] Shape height scaling bug (bitmap texture stops loading)

So, in KLWP, I want to fit an image perfectly to the size of my screen, but an image can only be fit by width. So, I decided to fit a shape to my whole screen, then put a bitmap over it as a texture. So, I added a shape, and scale it to fit my screen, with a bitmap set.

For some strange reason, if I scale my shape height beyond the specific value of 1477, the shape's bitmap texture that I set will disappear and replaced with the solid color of that shape (which is white, for me). Even just one unit lower (1476), the bitmap will show again.

What is even stranger, is that within the KLWP editor, it indicates that the shape/bitmap works fine. Only when I actually go to the homescreen that it happens.

Is this a bug? Since I am new to KLWP I am not sure if it is me. I'm using Galaxy S10, android 10, one ui 2.5.