KLWP on non-rooted Pixel 2 XL seems very broken

I create a wallpaper. Save the preset. Set my live wallpaper to KLWP and it appears. Problem is, any edits I make are not reflected on the live wallpaper .I've tried saving restore points and then changing the wallpaper away from and then back to KLWP . No change .

Is this broken? Horribly unintuitive interface. Terrible ux for a first time user.

You tried to save your edits tapping in the disquette icon in the editor?

I am with you that the editor can was more friendly, but in the other hand you have many options to design your phone and you need a knowledge curve to achieve this. What are the edits that you are making and how many screens you have in your preset?

Upon further investigation, I'm wondering if a brightness control app I'm using called, Lux is causing the problems. I really don't want to stop using it, but it seems that it might interfere with Live Wallpapers other than the basic stock ones.

Yes. I saved using the Diskette icon. I watched the intro youtube video describing how to perform the basic fundamental functions.

Multiple errors. Jumbled preview when setting stroke dowallpaper.White esn't show up. When I go back into KLWP, items are missing, etc.

It's just broken.

And I've uninstalled Lux prior to these screenshots.

You have set 3 screens, try to set only one in the square that said 2/3 and see how its work. Your OS is 8 or below, yes?

I recommend you to use an Overlap Group and put the 2 designs of the time, just create an overlap group and copy the two items and paste in the overlap group, erase the other two.

Using 9. Didn't think it would let me download if there was an mismatch. Is that a problem?

Made your changes. Doesn't seem to have fixed it . Thank you very much for providing suggestions, though. I'm trying everything you're suggesting.

I don't know, but maybe.

You need to set a 1 page in your launcher too, you are using the stock launcher or a launcher from the google play? If the problem continues, you can post this problem in the Kustom Official page in G+ in Questions, the best way is giving the most information of your phone and problem.One question, if you set one of the in built presets of Klwp, you have the same problems?

I have not tried one is the presents. I will do that. I am using Nova Apex launcher. I also reduced the number of screens to 1 and reloaded the live wallpaper. No change.

I will try to contact the support in G+ as you have suggested. Thank you for doing your best to help me. I am grateful.

You are welcome😃👍Test one of the in built presets and try the G+ here you have moderators that can help you👍👌