Klwp not working properly on Samsung galaxy s8


I purchased klwp from the play store and also purchased betinho themes pack. Everything was working fine. Then i installed some more themes (paid) from play store. Now after a day of using klwp i am facing the following problem ;

Whenever i change a theme on klwp and i want to apply it, the wallpapers doesn't change and becomes unresponsive. The only way to then move forward is to apply a normal wallpaper and then re apply the klwp . This means if anytime i change a theme or modify icons, position or anything on the theme. I have to select a normal wallpaper and then re apply klwp or alternatively i can restart my phone. Please help..

This is not normal but very hard to debug, please reproduce a crash or an ANR (so a dialog like "Kustom is not repsponding") then create a bug report as described HERE and send it to me at [email protected]