Klwp ni picount, count just 1


I have count badge with $ni(pcount,com.whatsapp )$

And in the layer
$if(ni(pcount, com.whatsapp)=0,never,always)$

but this only counts to one, if another message comes in. then it does not count to 2 and so on. so it gets stuck at 1. anyone here an idea? sorry for my broken english

The problem is there is just ONE whatsapp notification, not many, this is why it will always show either one or zero because whatsapp shows multiple messages on the very same notification. What you can do is try to count lines so:

$if(tc(lines, ni(com.whatsapp,text)) == 2), "Two Messages")$

Not tested but should work. It should return 0 or “” when no lines is there
Let me know if this works for you