KLWP Load preset freeze

Bug: KLWP will freeze with a black screen if I try to load any wallpapers.

How to recreate: In the wallpaper list, set the number of wallpapers to 4 per line instead of the usual 2 and choose any wallpaper to load

Temporary fix: Use the 'view 2 per line' option.

Edit: Using the latest version of KLWP

Hi Chris, thanks for reporting this, unfortunately i cannot reproduce the issue, are you able to create a full bug report via Android Developer settings and send it to me at [email protected]?

Thanks for the reply! I did a reboot previously and things are back to normal again for some reason. The next time I encounter this I'll be sure to catch that bug report!

Setting this to solved for the time being please comment in case you find a way to reproduce, thanks!