KLWP hangs when opening lists or when viewing pages containing lists


KLWP hangs when viewing list contents or when viewing pages that have lists.

Just so you know - I have a Global list that has one color from each of the color swatches in the material design color palette.

I have a few more Global lists each for a background color containing about 5 entires and one each for icon Size and text Size and both contain 3 entries each.

But I have observed that when I open any list in any view to change the setting - like layrer visibility or Shape type or shadow type or texture type KLWP hangs

The same is true even if I just swipe through voews that have lists in them - example, swiping through Paint or Texture to get to Animation will make KLWP hang even if I have not opened any list explicitly.

And now I have observed that when I try to edit a global variable or even add a new global Variable it freezes.

The only option I have in such cases is - go to home screen and swipe away the KLWP activity from th recents list and relauch it.

I have submitted a feedback through the inbuilt crash reporting present on Android - perhaps you'll see it on the Dev Console close to this time.

I am running Stock Oreo with the Sept security patches on a Nexus5X and I am using version 3.27b...

Let me know if you want a debug dump from the App's settings. Else if you want the project tell me I'll export it and share it.