KLWP freezing before and after last update

I'm on a Pixel 6 with android 13 and a few days ago, after not using KLWP for week or so where I was fiddling around with KWGT a lot, I reloaded a KLWP screen with only a few elements in it: a background that rotates every 15 minutes using timer utilities, a clock, and a search bar made with an overlay group all with colors that adapt with the wallpaper using the bitmap palette functions; and I noticed that every now and then at seemingly random intervals it just freezes. The clock will get stuck on whatever time it was and all the touch elements stop working and if I open the editor and try to save it again or add or change anything it updates in the editor but not on the screen. I have to switch to a regular wallpaper and then back to KLWP for it to start working again. I've tried clearing the cache and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, I've tried rebuilding the setup I'm working on from scratch, I've tried it with and without the timer utilities, I've tried deleting and uninstalling other setups I have had around for awhile, and I downloaded the KLWP app update and nothing fixes it. I've started uninstalling the apps I've downloaded since the last time it worked and that's not doing anything yet either.

I figured out what's causing it, at least. Accessing the Wallpaper & Style menu from settings triggers the freeze, even if nothing is changed in the menu, it freezes the wallpaper.

Yes I have the same issue.

Pixel 5, Android 13. The bug is present since at least v5.68 but I had a phone on android 9 before so I can't compare.

KLWP is set as both home and lock screen wallpaper. Whenever I enter the "Style and Wallpaper" screen in the settings (where I can pick the Material You colors), the wallpaper totally freezes and becomes unresponsive.

The only option to make it work again is to set a normal wallpaper before setting KLWP again, or force close KLWP and set it a wallpaper.

Please fix this, as there is no way to pull colors from the wallpaper and it is pretty annoying.