Klwp freezes when trying to add animation to shape

Klwp freezes when I want to add animation to shape in root. It gets to adding animation with default disabled state, but when I want to change it it gets frozen and I have to kill the app.

Hi! This is super strange, are you running latest release? 3.26? If yes i will need a full debug log sent to [email protected], to get a debug log you need to do the following:

  • Ensure you are running the latest version of the app (check on Play Store if there are any updates)
  • Enable Android Developer options as described here
  • Enable USB Debugging in the developer options
  • The button "Bug Report" should become active
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Go into the dev settings and press Bug Report
  • Generated file might be big (>10MB), send me that via email

Thanks for checking. Yeah, I have the latest one, it updates automatically, I have klwp pro v3.26b721608. In the meantime I found that the issue is not only with shapes but anything I'd like to put animation on

Oh and of course I've sent the bug report via mail.

Same problem... On Meizu M3 Note (Flyme OS, on Huawei Mediapad M10 (Emui 3.1) and BlueStacks latest version of android emulator. Any solution?

Hi All!

Same problem to me. But I switched back the language of KLWP to english and it works! So it seems that there is a problem with the hungarian language pack.