KLWP freeze after update of yesterday

I changed to a Samsung s20 three weeks ago and beside redesigning the wallpaper everything worked fine. But after the update yesterday of klwp it freezes at the start. I can not see anything except the empty screen with the "loading" info and it never ends loading. I can use Nova Launcher as normal, but not with KLWP. I hope you get it fixed fast, because I love my selfmade skin with klwp... Thank you!

I have the exact same issue, but i thought it was something i did.

Here'ssome background info: im working on an agenda calendar thing, that's (probably way too) customizable. Anyway, i recently worked on a feature to not show duplicate events of they have the same title, but the way i went about doing it was too convoluted. I made a gv for each day and checked for duplicates by issuing if(ci(title,e0,a1d)=ci(title,e1,a2d),1,0) but did this for 6 events (e0, e1, e2 ...) and 6 all-day events (a0, a1, a2 ...) And added them up for each day for 14 days, then added these calculation to another set of 14 gv for each day..... Needless to say, i think i screwed myself, because i think its needing to calculate way too much info, with loops of loops of nested if statements. I tried clearing cache, hoping that would do something, but im afraid of losing everything i one worked on so far. Hopefully someone reaches out to me so i can explain this better. Or better yet, hopefully it's not because of my mistake, but rather it gets sorted out in a future update.

I started digging into files, and found the data folder for klwp in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.kustom.walpaper and when i compared it to org.kustom.widget, it seems like things may be missing. Im not sure.

Hi Dini,

I have the selfmade skin since years, with kalender, agend for a lot of events and much more. When I changed to the s20 about 2 or three weeks ago, everything was no problem. installed Nova Launcher and KlWP and KLWP + and loaded my skin -absolutely no problem. The background was a bit to short because the resolution of the s20 is different to my note8 I had before. Therefore I made a new background picture and everything was fine again. Always some links to apps must be renewed, but this is little work.

Then the update for KLWP came a few days ago. There was no update of Samsung! But since this update nothing works anymore.

I then tried deinstalling and installing again of KLWP -no success.

Then I tried a standard skin of KLWP. This starts, but not with a background. The background of the skin is not shown.

Therefore I think there must be something wrong with KLWP and the background routine (or how it is called).

I just remembered, that one can download the old apk's here and so I did. I deinstalled the actuel version, installed the old apk and EVERYTHING IS GOOD again. Everything works as it should. No problems.

Therefore there must be something wrong in the actual update.

Most important for me: I can work on with this wonderful app! Thank you for this app again.

Well, i actually tried to install an earlier version from apkmirror, but it wasn't working. The newest version was stuck. Then i cleared cache and still nothing. So I decided to make backups of the /storage/emulated/0/Android/org.kustom.wallpaper folder and the /storage/emulated/0/kustom folder, and cleared storage. This made the app respond again, but I have managed to lose ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. I guess the folders were corrupted (korrupted, lol). Yeah...kind of a bummer. Unless there was a third folder I should have saved that I didn't know about.

Anyway, I guess I'll start over. Making each new asset into a component and exporting it as an apk, that way if anything gets korrupted again, I'll just pull each individual asset from the apk. C'est la vie (unless there's an easier way)

In the end, I think my agenda komponent was getting too complex for KLWP to handle. I'll need to optimize as I build.