Klwp forgets all the icons, fonts and bitmaps after every phone restart

Clearing cache does not help, got to reinstall and import my wallpaper back and it starts to work again.

[edit]Seems that clearing data and import works. Can share the theme if needed.[/edit]

Reverts to some basic font, icon fonts (music player icon font mainly) just show a letter, icons show a questionmark. And the bitmaps just aren't there.

Using Action Launcher 3 on Honor 7.

Can you test if this happens with only SD based templates or only APK ones? Do you have an external SD?

I got an external SD card and that's sort of made into internal memory by the phone. Not mounted as internal memory like you can do on android usually but think what Huawei has done is to just make SD card look as internal memory to programs (as with some file browsers when I choose to browse internal memory, it actually goes to the SD card).

Seems to work on APK ones. (tried one) The template I'm using was made by me from scratch, would love to be able to keep continue with it. I keep modifying it constantly. Today actually lost about a week's worth of edits due to forgetting to save before I cleared the date :(

Paid for the app in app.

You can roll back changes with the "roll back" icon also you should be able to fix the problem by opening the editor and saving again after the reboot. That said, if this does not happen on APK skins, it might be due to the fact that, for some reason, SD is not available when live wallpaper is started, i will try to reproduce this (and super sorry for the incovenience, its just quite complex to reproduce and it doesnt happen to everyone so it might be device specific)

Yeah, I know things are a tad hard sometimes. Have delved into android development a bit too. Still love the app.

Saving does not help. Tried different launchers, didn't help. Could try I get bugs after making an apk, could make some apk and edit that.

I think something in the new version made the theme work for a while without clearing data. Might be that it was the update itself. If there's somrthing that your app does when it updates, you could make a button in some menu to repeat it or something. "fix me"... worked till my next restart

Seems that the album art even refuses to show up but the background image (nasa apod) and map work which both are downloaded.

Also when editing everything else seems to work except the album art.


Contains custom fonts (also the default extra ones offered fail) and svgs / images...

I am using only widgets and wallpapers that I created and I am having the exact same problem where all of my imported fonts have disappeared. I can add them back in but they're gone with each restart.

I have the same problem. I copied a bunch of fonticons into the Kustom Icons folder, and after reboot, these files have disappeared. Copied them back there, and again they've been deleted.

I'm not using SD card. S9+ with internal storage only, paid KWGT and Nova Launcher premium.

Not an expert here so just a heads up. I was able to fix mine using this method:

-Locate the fonts for MediaButton (In my case, I found it here).

--Copy the folder and paste it somewhere else (I pasted it in Documents so I could easily find the folder). I renamed it as shown below.

-Re-edit your current widget and locate the fonts using the FOLDER icon right beside the G icon.