KLWP editor randomly freezes/lags while editing

I recently switched to KLWP after having used KWGT for a bit (widgets don’t seem to update fast enough compared to the wallpaper). In doing so, I exported 2 of the widgets as komponents to import into KLWP:

  1. The same binary clock that can be made by following Brandon Craft’s series.
  2. A “weekday spinner” I made that has the days of the week in a 3D circle that spins according to what time it is in the week.

After adding these 2 components to the wallpaper I’ve been slowing throwing stuff on, the editor will randomly experience either extreme lag (as high as 15 seconds since I have a clock slowly updating on screen) or it freezes altogether. Either way, I have to close and restart the app.

I’m not sure if I’ve hit some limit to how much stuff can be added (the clock and spinner have some deep nesting), if there’s a limit to how many variables/operations can exist (I’ve got 3 komponents so far that update and use df(S) with some division and moduli every second), or something else. I’m currently adding various common unit conversions and hastily saving after just about every action to ensure any work I do isn’t lost.

Everything runs smoothly as the wallpaper. It’s only the editor that has this problem. If need be, I can provide the komponents in some way. Some have touch events that call Tasker as well.

If this is in relation to the komponents, is it possible to disable the wallpaper in the editor? I can see that the clock is updating as I’m editing which I don’t think I need since tapping save and viewing the home screen is simple enough to test anything.

Android 13
KLWP version: 3.73b314511
Phone: LG V60 ThinQ 5G