KLWP displays blank screen despite being set as wallpaper and having content saved

Got an new Zenfone 10 and started to get KLWP setup.

I am not a beginner and was just doing what I do with every new phone.

But despite loading my original preset, setting KLWP as my wallpaper, it just displays a blank screen.

Video here:



It’s not just an issue with my setup, I tried using the templates but to no avail

It’s not just a setup with my launcher, I switched to a different one and same result.

I already tried the suggestion of disabling parallel rendering and same result.

Can you try installing Nova Launcher just to check if this is a launcher-related issue?

My bad, I should have mentioned.

Nova is one of the launchers I tried it on.

That and Niagara, both behave the same.

update: still not working, but have tried more things:

  • clearing cache
  • uninstalling and re-installing
  • saw i was in the beta program, left, uninstalled, and re-installed

still no luck

update update: did the above, and it didn’t work.

left my phone alone for a minute, and when I came back, it works now.

for future readers, try the above solution if you’re having this issue.

Zenfone 10 on Android 13

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