KLWP data usage higher than expected

I'm currently on version 3.39 and KLWP uses about 10 to 30MB of data per hour, which adds up really fast and ends up being about 40% of my total data usage.

The theme I'm using doesn't include any map backgrounds or anything that I can think of that would require lots of data usage - there is an event calendar and weather forecast panel, though weather updates have been set at 8 hour intervals which hasn't stopped KLWP from consuming data every hour.

I've tried removing parts of the theme in an effort to reduce data usage but there hasn't been any difference. How should I go about resolving this issue?

I'm a user like you and this is weird, I have a preset that only use weather updates(I have it updating every hour) but I have in my usage only 100 MB in one month in my wifi data by Klwp(I have it disabled in data usage), 10 MB is a lot per hour,

Maybe you can test other preset for two days and see if this problem continue or is a problem of the preset.