KLWP crashing on specific themes

Been having this issue for a while now with no help, and honestly, I'm just frustrated as hell. Posted on reddit and on here with no guidance or help, so I've been trying to narrow down the issue - however it's rather difficult to do when I can't keep the app open to edit the themes over been having issues with.

The app crashes upon trying to load a preset. I've had this issue twice. The first time was "solved" when I somehow was able to keep the editor running and remove bitmaps related to weather conditions. Now I have a new theme that I can't keep open, but I can't figure out why. The only thing I've done differently than past themes is have a random background image from a reddit page, which I am guessing is the problem, but I can't keep the app open, or even open the preset to edit this and test it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Edit: after trying to look into this more, other themes are still causing KLWP to crash, and also not performing as indended (whole overlap groups not showing up, touch functions not working properly).

What's you android OS?

KLWP has all permission it would need?

Is any kind of battery manger on?

Did you try to activate crash notifications in the developer options, and what did they say?

Did you try to .log your problem?

With themes you mean Komponents ? So you are a Pro user?

And you deleted your bitmap folder manual, and this fixed temporarily your problem?

Could you pls give more information than "it does not work", no one can help you with these infos

Android v10. It does have all permissions and no battery saving, exempt from everything that might force it to stop.

I am not sure about the crash notifications. It would simply close with no notice or anything. Unlike other apps that hang up klwp would just shut down.

Not sure what .log is, but I hit the debug dump.

I do not mean komponents, I mean entire themes that I've built from scratch.

More information...did you read what I posted? That's the information. It's all there. Themes have been loading in again without crashing but I removed most things that pull data, like $wg$ and weather related bitmaps. I also haven't been using as many weather related bitmaps or $wg$ commands.