KLWP Crashing consistenly across multiple wallpapers

Been having this issue for about a week and it cropped up randomly. KLWP will crash when i load the app up, load a wallpaper, do nothing at all in the app, try to swipe, try to edit - basically at any time randomly. I've had it happen on large size themes, and simple ones, just across the board.

I've also heard of this issue with others who are using my themes downloaded from the Play Store. Not sure if it is the themes themselves, but i have not edited them in a while and the issues are just occurring. Seeing as it is spread across multiple themes, and even ones i haven't released but am still working on, or even a blank theme in KLWP, it seems unlikely i would think. Any help is welcomed.

I have a Galaxy S9+ running Android v10 and my version of KLWP is 3.45b7815