KLWP crashes when trying to export

Everytime I attempt to export ain unlocked preset that I have tweaked for my own personal use the app crashes. Can you please tell me how to fix this, I spent a lot of time on this preset and would hate to lose it all

What version of Klwp you have?

You have this problem with other presets that you tried to export?

It happens with every preset. And now my launcher want load any preset either.

Try to see if you can upgrade your version in the playstore, maybe this solve this problem, the last is 3.37b900818.

If you want you can make a restore point in the editor for this preset (the upgrade don't touch what are you making, but to be safe)

Kind of new, sorry, how do I make a restore point?

Next to the dikette icon that you tap to save your work in the editor, you have a rounded arrow, tap in it, here you have your 10 last saves and in the bottom you have the option to make a restore point. You have only 10 saves, the 11 are going to erase the last in the list. When you want you can go to this list, tap in the restore point(or save) and the preset returns to this point( save or restore point)