[KLWP] Cancelable notification icon (bitmap) not allways relevant


my problem is not really easy to describe because it seam relatively random.

I'm trying to show to first three cancelable notification on a small part of my wallpaper. First line will appear as soon as i have one notification, second will appear with two , and third line will appear with three. This work well with layer and formula.

Now each line is composed with : Notification big icon, then App Name on top of title, then Short text.

And that's were i'm confused : Icons are shown, sometimes they are correct, but sometimes they aren't. in the screenshot attached, for the 2 notifications, it's showing the google play icon for two other apps.

More confusing, it seem to be related to refreshing/cache or something like that, because when i open the KLWP app, the preview shows the correct icon !

any idea why ? and how to solve this ?

thanks in advance

This is fixed in 3.27 beta, you can test it by joining the beta or downloading from https://kustom.rocks/klwp/apk