KLWP Bug? - $tf(si(alarmd))$ Doesn't change after missed alarm deleted

Originally posted here. Told by bot to put it here. So I am...

This has happened to me several times.

Has been on the last several Play Store releases from the Kustom site - ever since I started using KLWP. I have the formula in a text field as part of my date/time info "cluster". Easily repeated:

  1. set alarm last night for 7am today using clock app

  2. klwp updated display fine

  3. alarm not serviced as phone accidentally turned off overnight

  4. when phone turned on at 7:30am today, klwp showed same alarm but in 7 days. this is ok as clock app shows same

  5. in clock app, delete alarm. but klwp still shows it. in my case there are no other alarms set. so should be empty. no idea what would happen if there was another alarm set in between 7am today and 7 days from now

  6. to clear requires i set / delete another alarm