KLWP broken after wget

Disclaimer: Super new to Kustom. No coding experience.

Started using KLWP (free) and was toying around with making my own setup and ran into a problem. I added a wget function to retrieve some text from a URL. Used one of the "examples" and just replaced the URL with my desired URL. After saving and returning home, the added text still just read "Loading..." So I went back into KLWP in order to remove the function. Only my whole setup is now blank and I'm getting a "Loading..." message from KLWP, only it never loads. Now zero items in my root. I tried restoring to the point just before adding the wget, still nothing loads. Also tried restarting device, but the problem persists.

Any advice short of starting over from scratch?

Clear cache and ensure that you are NOT using a beta build (currently only available via manual download).