KLWP booting to black screen

hi guys.

I have spent the last month or so learning KWGT and KLWP, brilliant apps. However when i apply the wallpaper to my android device (in-car head unit) its works until i turn the car off and then back on again it is just resumes to a black screen. Interestingly widgets made with KWGT survive this and work fine, but the wallpaper made with KLWP does not. I have to reopen KLWP and save to apply the wallpaper again.

I have tried the wallpaper with the stock launcher and Nova with the same results so i assume the car head unit (Atoto A6) is killing the wallpaper service when it goes into its standby.

Is there any way around this or any suggestions? The Android version is 6.0 and the app versions are the latest ones. Yes i can stick with KWGT but the animations on KLWP is really what i want! Is it possible to create a shortcut to the service to reopen it on boot possibly?

Happy to send any logs of any sort if someone can kindly assist me with the problem.

Maybe you have Klwp in Battery save mode in your phone, you need to whitelist the app from here to run in background.

thanks Nelson. Yeah i took KLWP out of battery optimization but still no joy im afraid, im pretty sure the process/service is getting killed when the unit goes into standby or hibernate or whatever it does when you pull the key out.

Sadly some phones are really agressive killing the Klwp process and is difficult to stop this, maybe this is the case.

Maybe you can post this problem in the Reddit Kustom page, maybe other user can help you with this problem.

I recommend to post it monday, because today and tomorrow you have few users in the channel.😃👍

Just a thought, seeing as I can assign a different than standard launcher and that survives the restart-app kill, that means that something behind the scenes has access to the whitelist I assume? Could that be utilised to allow KLWP to boot/start in the same way?