Klwp blank upon transferring to new phone

I just got a OnePlus 12 with Android 14. My old phone was a OnePlus 7 pro on Android 12. I copied everything over and attempted to load my kwlp with nova but I am getting a blank or sometimes gray screen.

In klwp I can see my wallpaper and everything looks fine. None of the text/images show up when I apply it as a live wallpaper with nova however. The weird thing is all of my touchable areas work just fine, meaning I can touch an area on the blank screen where I know should take me to an app and it works.

I also tried some built in presets. One was a screen of static, which is super weird, but I did find one that worked (edit: I keep trying to switch between presets and now they aren’t working…)

I’m sure I missed some setting change somewhere either in system settings or nova settings but I can’t seem to figure out which one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kwlp version 3.74

That did it, thank you so much!