Klwp background photo moving

The photo used as a background sometimes shifts so the left edge aligns exactly to the center of the screen. Nothing else moves. I believe it only happens when auto rotate is active. I am using the latest paid version of Klwp 3.74 on Samsung s23 ultra, one ui 6, android 14, using Nova 7 launcher. The issue happens sporadically a few times a day. I am not able to reproduce the conditions to force it to happen. It also used to happen, less often, on the Pixel 7 pro also using Nova 7 launcher.

Try using a basic image element in full screen instead of using the background attribute. You can then manually set the anchor of the image to whichever you want under its position tab.

I was using an image element. Using the background instead seems to have solved the problem. Thanks

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Conclusion: I removed all moving elements like clock hands, battery meter pointer etc. Saved it as a copy. And took a screenshot of the homepage to be used as the background image.

Now it’s very stable - the clock only dislodged once. And if I want to edit the background I used the saved klwp copy.

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