KLWP app using obscene amount of mobile data

I bought and installed the Klwp app last month and loaded the assistanthome preset to use. All of this was done using WiFi and now almost a month later in my Verizon cycle and going to go very on data because the app since them has used 1.34gb of mobile data during that time. No other app from all the ones I have even come remotely close to it in mobile data usage. I have to use Google maps extensively as an Uber driver and maps is way down on the list of data used. Why is the app using so much data when it's essentially a customizable wallpaper? Is all this data usage normal?


So the app itself doesn't use data usually except for weather which shouldnt use almost any. What can use a LOT of bandwidth are presets using live map as background or internet downloaded images, depending on the preset they might have used accurate location to get the image and that might cause the image to update a lot, there quite a few solutions to this if you want to still use those presets:

  • Ensure location accurancy in the settings is set to the lowest level (no power)
  • Use a fixed location instead of GPS if you are not interested in location updating automatically
  • Check in the preset where the formula $li(lat)$ and $li(lon)$ are used and replace them with their "low precision" counterpart which is $li(lplat)$ and $li(lplon)$

Hope this helps, if you still have issues let me know! Off course if at ANY time you feel like you want a refund just email [email protected]