KLCK Kustom Action To Make Phone Sleep

Is there a way to create an action on touch from lock screen to put phone back to sleep? From screen off, I double tap to wake, which brings up klck lock screen, after skimming notifications or changing songs, I'd like to turn screen back off, still from lock screen, without having to press the power button, wait for screen timeout. Is this possible?

If you have Nova Launcher as your launcher, you can set a touch in the Klck like one touch and select Launch Shortcut>Nova action>sleep screen.

If not, maybe you can use Tasker to perform this I think, I don't use Tasker and don't know how to make this.

Kustom apps don't have the ability to perform this in it's actions.

I'm using stock OnePlus Launcher on 6t. OP Launcher does everything I've wanted so far, not really wanting to switch to Nova for one feature. Never used Tasker but kinda feel the same about downloading it for one feature. I already have dbl tap on home screen to sleep enabled in system, is it possible to piggyback klck onto the system feature?

Maybe if you can create a shortcut to the system feature you can create a touch action in Klck, I don't know.

You can use Macrodroid that have 5 tasks free to create a macro to sleep your phone and create a touch in Klck to perform the task.

Realized I never responded. Macrodroid worked like a charm. Appreciate the help

Good that you solved this!! 🙌😁👍