[KLCK] Blurred shape becomes completely transparent at certain size

This has been an issue for a few months now, but I'm only now reporting it.

Whenever *all* of the dimensions of any shape exceed 1086 (problem starts at 1087), except for the Circle Slice, where only the height has to be over 1086 and Arcs, where the width must be over 1086 and the height over 736, the shape will become transparent only at the lock screen (it renders perfectly fine in the editor)

This only started happening when I bought a new phone (LGv40, A10 -> LGv60, A11)

This does NOT affect KLWP (KWGT untested).


* LG v60 (ATT)

* Android 11(rooted)

* Software version LM-V600VM (it says Verizon because of the bootloader used to root, at least according to reddit)

* KLCK 3.58b209811