KLCK - Android 13/Realme UI 4.0 Device and App notification access and fingerprint issue

Hi there.

Ever since updating to Android 13, I've been having an issue with KLCK.

In order to have music controls/notifications to show up KLCK asks me to give it the notification permission, which sends me to the Device and App notification access menu as shown in the attached file.

However, if I give it permission, my fingerprint scanner straight up doesn't do anything if I let the phone lock on display time out. If I manually lock it, it's fine, but not on time out. Fingerprint scanner doesn't vibrate, error, nothing, it's as if I didn't touch it. I then have to manually unlock with the pin code.

If I don't give it that permission though, it works fine, even on time out, but then I can't see music controls or notifications.

It was working on Android 12, so it must be something new with Android 13 I assume.

I'm on a Realme 10, Android 13/Realme UI 4.0, KLCK 3.72