KAPK Komponent Protection against refund

Look at this:

-Buy a KAPK app. This includes 10 KWGTs.

-The customer copy all its widgets.

-The customer claims a refund in the play store, which will be accepted because the term is 48 hours.

-He still has the 10 widgets (because he copied them to anotera preset), and you earn $0. Practically you have been scammed.

Feature request? Probably it's not possible to protect a preset, but I think itsi posiposs to protect a Komponent. Maybe a second check? ReadOnly and CheckApp? So, if the komponent is locked, its items will dissapear if [X] app is not installed.

You can already lock your presets so they can't export them.

Already done. I copy, a dialog tell me that the preset is locked. Anyway, I can paste what I copied in another wodget.

I found a "solution": put all my work inside a overlap group, inside a komponent. The overlap group has visibility as "remove if that package is not found" and the kompoment is locked. It doesn't verify if the app was downloaded legally, but it is something.