JSON and $WH

I have a json file and I want to display WSD. I enter $by path etc and it doesn’t work. JSON file: {
“czas”: “2024-07-05 12:00”,
“ZK”: “154553.8”,
“ZD”: “1939.88”,
“ZE”: “140889.01”,
“LZ”: “297382.69”,
“SMK”: “765344.86”,
“SME”: “109015.74”,
“SMD”: “239204.48”,
“SMT”: “1965298.18”,
“SMDT”: “44198.86”,
“LSM”: “3078863.26”,
“PPK”: “98286.14”,
“PPE”: “28565.67”,
“ESKA”: “76661.29”,
“ESEA”: “0”,
“ESKN”: “390327.88”,
“ESEN”: “25975.37”,
“ESPK”: “2100000”,
“ESPE”: “130000”,
“ESPD”: “23”,
“LP”: “2230000.00”,
“SDP”: “96956.52”,
“WSD”: “79.07”
from another file the command works fine, but not from this one. What am I doing wrong ?

try this

$wg(filelocation, json,“WSD”)$

make sure the filelocation is location that kustom can read or if you have direct web address api that returns that format put that https url instead of filelocation.

or put your file in data folder inside your kustom folder then use following

$wg(“file://Kustom/data/filename.json”, json,“WSD”)$
i know it doen’t get wsd element let me try something.