Its posible to lower Network Refresh time to 1 minute or so?

I am using kustom widget creator to monitor a server CPU (via php generated json), but the lowest posible valut in config>network update interval is 30 minutes. Its an option on the Pro version maybe?

Hi! Well, short answer is no however you could work around this by changing the URL every minute to fool Kustom that is changed when its not, so if your URL is for example "http://something/cpu.json" and it will ignore params you can use "http://something/cpu.json?param=$df(m)$" doing so a new URL will be generated every minute so Kustom will look for it and download fresh data, you will then just need to set network refresh to 60 mins or 30. Not tested.

Hi Frank,

Your help is appreciated

I tested with:

$wg("http://server/"+df(m))$ That works, but sometimes the value is not refreshed (i think its cache related, but not sure)

A work around that seems to always work and its never cached:


rounded up unix timestamp / 60 / 5

where 5 = update each five minutes