Its like any good stuff we want to do needs to be the premium ... First let us try some good stuffs then only we can think about upgreading to premium

The trial version is so odd . Nuthing good in the trial version . So what great will the full (preamium ) do . Thats what comes on our mind first . So pls atleast let us try sumthing good before upgreading to premium thn only we will think of upgreading to premium .

The app is not a trial, Kustom is about making your own widget or wallpaper and that is TOTALLY free withour ANY limitation including backup / undo. Also when you open a preset there is a tab called "Featured", did you see that? There you can find hundreds of presets on KLWP and thousands of widgets for KWGT totally free. On top of that i always refund when asked even a week later.

Thnks for the reply