It doens't work correctly

It doens't work. The import preset is wrong (not the same of What i import) and when applied, it is sovrapposed at the standard i have on my phone.

I pay for the pro version..

I don't know if your problem is the ratio of your phone, if you can put a screenshot is best to understand your problem.👍

If the preset is not what you see in a screenshot you need to contact the designer, Klwp don't have nothing to do with the presets, this is only in the designer.

I think the second part is that you have for example a 18/9 ratio phone and the preset is made in a 16/9 ratio, the presets that you need to download need to be to your specific ratio, Klwp don't adapt the presets to the differents ratios, this is in the designer to create presets for differents ratios or your specific phone ratio.

What you can make is adapt the preset changing the different items to your like or search presets for your phone ratio.