Issue with global variables on OneUI 4.1

I seem to have an issue with gv's. My setup has a sliding panel with several tabs. At rest, only the tabs headers are visible and acts as buttons. Clicking one changes a gv's value which triggers the panel to slide open. The content of the panel is different depending on which button was clicked - based, then, on the same gv. Then some elements colors vary, still depending on the gv.

This works perfect on my Note 20 - Android 12, OneUI 4.0 - but has issues on my S22 - Android 12, OneUI 4.1. The animation (panel opening and closing) still works just fine but the rest (panel's content, colors) may take anything between 0 and 30 seconds to update and reflect the value of the gv. Is that a known problem with OneUI 4.1?

Disabling parallel rendering solves that. But of course it's not ideal.