Is there any way to see what is consuming data?

I'm having an issue where KLWP is consuming massive amounts of data, about 75mb an hour. I was using a preset skin (Marl) that was doing very accurate location tracking to show maps and street view, but I think I've mostly fixed that (I made a Tasker action to download those every so often and redirected klwp to read that file instead, so all data usage hold be listed under tasker). I can't find any other places that are using maps data, and the only other things I can think of that use the network are weather, calendar, or maybe mail? I've got refresh set to 1 hour, location at no power, and I still can basically watch it consume mb. Any ideas? Is there a way to identify elements by data connection, or see the kind of background data klwp is using?

So the app itself doesn't use data usually except for weather which shouldnt use almost any. What can use a LOT of bandwidth are presets using live map as background or internet downloaded images, depending on the preset they might have used accurate location to get the image and that might cause the image to update a lot, there quite a few solutions to this if you want to still use those presets:

  • Ensure location accurancy in the settings is set to the lowest level (no power)
  • Use a fixed location instead of GPS if you are not interested in location updating automatically
  • Check in the preset where the formula $li(lat)$ and $li(lon)$ are used and replace them with their "low precision" counterpart which is $li(lplat)$ and $li(lplon)$

Hope this helps, if you still have issues let me know

Hey, thanks for the quick response! I've spent the last few days testing it a bit. I've set location to a fixed point, took all direct references to location variables out (so no need for li(lplat) etc), turned location settings to no power mode, and set my network refresh to 1 hour. In about 4 hours, KLWP still managed to eat up about 40mb of data. How?

I don't want to disable background data for it completely because I like the weather updates, but that's still a pretty frustratingly high amount for how much I feel like I've trimmed away. I wonder if there's some app I could use to monitor the packets klwp is sending, since there doesn't seem to be an in app solution for this issue

Thats not normal, i will need a debug dump from the settings and your preset to better investigate the issue, send both to [email protected] referencing this thread