Is there a max size for objects?

I have an Overlap Group with a long text field (song lyrics, broadcast from Tasker). The full text is available in KLWP but visibility is cut-off at an object height of around 2880. In other words, if I use a tiny font size, I can see more text but as I increase the font size, more and more of the text gets hidden. The object also shows the red outline at the cut-off point even though there is additional text beyond the outline. Is there a defined maximum size for objects or is this a bug?

FYI - visibility of the lyrics is based on (1) another object set to Clip Next Module and (2) a position broadcast by Tasker. The position starts at around 820 and I can scroll as far as needed (I've tested up to a position of -3400); however, the text visibility is cut off when the position is around -2060 which is how I'm figuring the ~2880 max height.

Thank you!