Is there a limit for retrieving future Google calendar events?

Question…is there a limit KWGT can read for future calendar events? It appears that KWGT will not read calendar events that are more than 5 months in the future. Thanks for any input

Can you share the formula you’re using so we can try to reproduce it?

To retrieve the event, I use…

$ci(title, 0)$

To retrieve the accompanying date, which also includes days left till the event date, I use…

[s=1.2]$df(EEE, ci(start, 0))$[/s] [s=.9]$df(MMM, ci(start, 0))$[/s] [s=.9]$df(d, ci(start, 0))$[/s] $df(h:mm, ci(start, 0))$-$df(h:mm, ci(end, 0))$ ($df(D, ci(start,0)) - df(D)$)

I have a widget setup with about 12 of these formulas to retrieve the next twelve events. However, it appears to only retrieve up to about 5 months of events. It will work correctly for the first 5 months of events, but beyond 5 months, the following starts to appear in place of the event and date …

- (-55.0)

Yes, I can confirm this. Looks like an app limitation.