Is possible to use multiple bitmaps (png) files for the time?

So I have a total of 11 .png files they pics of numbers 0-9 and : . What I was wondering can I use my custom images for the time instead of using a font? If it is possible can you steer me in the right direction?

I should note that I did try using the search function to find the answer to my question but couldn't find any info regarding this.

Thanks Frank!

Yeah off course you can! Just do the following:

  • Create a Stack Group (add -> stack group)
  • Go to the Layer and set mode to "Horizontal Bottom"
  • Add an image module, go to Bitmap option, select it and press the formula icon to turn it into a formula
  • Now the image is a formula, click to edit the formula and enter for 12 hours clock "$if(df(h) > 9, file://myimages/1.png, file://myimages/0.png)$", this will point to 1.png when its later than 10 or 0 if not (you can customize further)
  • Add another image and use something like "file://myimages/$df(h) % 10$.png" this will select the image for the second hours digit
  • Then you can do the same for minutes with "file://myimages/$df(m) / 10$.png" and "file://myimages/$df(m) % 10$.png"

thank you for your answer Frank your awesome as always. I'll give this a try.