Is it possible to package separate wallpapers (background images) to an .apk in KAPK

I have a preset with a few installed background images designed around my theme, but I would like to give users an option to pick from a variety of backgrounds that I have created for this preset without embedding them into the preset.

Is there any way to package separate wallpapers (background images) to an .apk in KAPK or do I need to use Android Studio or another .apk builder in order to do this?

Hi! No this is not possible with KAPK right now, you need to use a Dashboard that also allows to pack Wallpapers and that will require you to use also Android Studio, an example of this is Polar ( which has also support for Kustom. Maybe in future releases of the micro dashboard for Kustom i will also add the ability to add wallpapers, however this is not planned yet.

Hi Frank , thank you for your reply. I thought that this was the case.

Fortunately I found a different a different solution for now, without the need for a separate dashboard.

Thanks Again!